Friday, December 3, 2010

Head to head: iPad vs. Amazon Kindle

When it comes to Apple, everyone knows that it is a company that produces some of  the best gadgets around and it also produces PC parts and computers and laptops that will leave you impressed. So every time the company will announce that they are ready to come out on the market with a new product, a global stir is caused and many millions of people are just very much anxiously waiting for more information regarding their statements.

There is something about Apple that is quite intangible and no one can put a finger on it and that is what makes them so special. The products they will release will always stack up to be not only the best on the market, but they will be very much upgraded from the previous generation of similar products, if any. With these rules and philosophy, the iPad has appeared on the market. But what is it that makes it so special?

The task of creating the iPad was handed over to the best engineers that Apple has and that is why it boasts out a wonderful design and looks pretty much amazing. You just need to see it to believe it. But even though Apple has intended to make from the ipad a product that is just a general computing solution, many sources are stating that they are aiming to compete with the Amazon Kindle, which nonetheless, has enjoyed a great success until now. So without further more instructions, let us see the difference between the two, starting with the iPad. This will certainly be interesting to compare nonetheless.


The screen is a touch screen that is very responsive and you will always be pleased when using it. This is something that will appeal to many people, as the kindle has a normal screen, and no backlighting and when operating the Kindle, the users will need to also press buttons. Also, when it comes to the colors, the ipad is much more lauded as it features a screen with 16 million colors, but the Kindle is just a black and white device.

Taking a look at the Kindle, the device was just designed for reading eBooks, so there is not much functionality to take advantage of. When it comes to Apple, they have considered more than just creating an eBook reader. So which one out of the two do you think is the winner at this point?

After reviewing generally what the two devices can do, I don’t think that there will be many people that will delve into getting the Kindle when they can add a few more dollars and get the ipad. Would you spend a few hundred dollars on a device just so that you can read eBooks on it? Know the key difference between them.